Should you find yourself in a situation whereby you have been a victim of theft while in Argentina, you may contact this Embassy for assistance.

We assist South African citizens in distress by facilitating the payment of funds to these citizens deposited by family members or friends in South Africa. If family members are unable to assist, we provide assistance to apply for refundable, limited, financial assistance at the Department of Home Affairs.

What Consular Officers Can Do for You

The consular officials can:

  • Give you some general information about the legal system of the country you are being held in.
  • Arrange for your next of kin to be notified of your situation, if you wish. (If you do not want your family notified, your request will be respected and the mission will withhold information about your situation from your family and friends.
  • Assist in making arrangements to receive funds from your family.
  • Assist in informing you of how to make other travel arrangements if necessary.

What Your Consular Officers Cannot Do for You

  • Obtain a better treatment for you than is provided for locals or other nationals.
  • Pay your fines.
  • Conduct investigations related to an offence.
  • Support you financially. If you are unable to pay essential costs yourself or earn money by working, you will have to contact you family or friends for financial support.

If you are a dual national in the country of your other nationality the assistance which South African consular representatives can give you may be limited.

If you require assistance after office hours, please call the emergency telephone at 15 44468978