Marriage Certificate

Any person may apply for a copy of a Marriage Certificate provided that the Marriage has been registered with the South African Government.

The person who is making the application must state clearly the reason for application.

Requirements for a Copy of a Marriage Certificate

Por favor indicar claramente si usted desea una versión completa para uso fuera de RSA, en la Argentina o el exterior.

  • Please indicate clearly if you want an abridged (which is either computer printed or handwritten) or unabridged marriage certificate for use in Argentina or abroad.
  • If you have a previous certificate, please attach a certified copy so as it is easier to trace the record.

    You must complete form BI-130 in black ink

    Payment of the required fee for the application ;

Marriage certificates are issued in South Africa and require a waiting period of 4 months and possibly longer. 

Request for a progress report on the application must be made in writing, so that the Embassy may refer it directly to the appropriate section at the Department of Home Affairs

Marriage certificates are issued in South Africa and requires a waiting period of 6 months.